Breeding dairy cows adapted for organic production (Ø-KO-AVL)


Organic dairy production is increasing in Denmark. Currently only the farm management is specifically organic – the breeding part is still conventional. Consequently, cows for organic production are not genetically adapted to an organic environment, and the value of, e.g., climate impact and animal welfare are barely considered. The purpose of Ø-KO-AVL is to develop a breeding program that is adapted to organic dairy production and consumer preferences. We will quantify the benefits of a separate organic breeding program for Nordic Red dairy cattle (RDC), which is the Red dairy breed used in Denmark. The breeding strategy for RDC is already aimed at increasing its ability for organic production, ensuring a high chance of implementation of an organic breeding program. The breeding goal (BG) will be defined using economic models and preferences of consumers, dairy companies, and farmers. Implementation of a specific organic breeding program is expected to reduce climate impact and improve animal welfare in organic dairy herds. This will enable the possibility of differentiating organic dairy products from conventional dairy products through breeding. The project will make it possible for VikingGenetics to market a specific organic breeding rogram, which will also give them the chance to be pioneers on genetic material suited for the organic market. In addition, this project will give dairy companies the chance to market products with a specific organic breeding profile.

Forventede resultater

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