Co-constructing interactive short and mid-tier food chains to value agrobioDIVersity IN healthy plant-based FOOD


study minor cereals and legumes (NUCs) in european regions that face various climatic hazards and diverse socio-economic challenges to developing agrobiodiversity-rich value chains.


Co-develop with consumers, new interactive marketing modes and channels valuing biodiversity use and its services/benefits, with the support of participatory guarantee systems and digital tools

Co-produce new and diversified plant-based healthy and appetizing products and recipes from NUCs meeting consumers’ needs, from minimal or mild food processing and formulations better expressing NUCs’ potential 

Benchmark diverse agroecological farming systems and techniques that improve NUCs’ performance, inter-specific biodiversity and the provision of citizen-focused agro-socio-ecosystem services

Breed more performant cultivars of cereals and legumes with local adaptation, intra-specific biodiversity, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, and potentiating nutritious and appetising food

Demonstrate new business models that diversify income and activities for farmers and small-scale processors who are using agrobiodiversity

Co-design pilot multi-actor territorial networks/social cooperatives in charge of managing, propagating and promoting NUCs. Design policy recommendations to promote their replication

Disseminate the results to a wide range of relevant stakeholders in order optimize effective exploitation


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