MIXED – Efficient and resilient Mixed Farming & Agroforestry


MIXED is a project funded by the EU Horizon2020 programme. MIXED will explore the benefits of mixed farming and agroforestry systems (MiFAS) to climate, environment and society in general and support the further development of such systems. MIXED explores different types of MIFAS. The assumption is that MiFAS have the potential to be both efficient and resilient and at the same time and provide eco-system services for the benefit of society and the environment. Networks of organic and conventional farmers are the backbone of the project. The different networks have different knowledge and experience that others can benefit from. In MIXED, we create the opportunity for farmers to learn from each other and for researchers to learn from and generate new knowledge from undertaking research together with farmers. The project will work with these groups of farmers and develop networks across Europe covering a wide range of different mixed agricultural and agroforestry systems. This enables farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange. Joint activities between researchers and farmers will create valuable scientific knowledge about the methods and systems, how best to facilitate a wider take-up of Mi- FAS across Europe and how policies can support this. 


Read about the project and its results at  projects.au.dk/mixed.