About us

The Innovation Centre for Organic Farming is a centre for the development of organic farming in Denmark.  Through research, trials and the collection and dissemination of knowledge about agriculture, the Innovation Centre will ensure that organic farming develops according to the four organic principles, with the objective of more sustainable agriculture.

The Innovation Centre for Organic Farming will contribute to maintaining Denmark’s world-leading position in organic farming, among other things by spearheading climate solutions for agriculture, to ensure that organic agricultural production can reduce its climate footprint and become climate-neutral by 2050.

Our purpose is to promote research, trials and development within organic production based on the four global organic principles and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Innovation Centre will also collect and disseminate knowledge about organic production in order to promote development for the benefit of the agricultural sector on a technically, economically and environmentally optimised basis, in accordance with good research practice and independently of other interests.

The Innovation Centre for Organic Farming was established in 2021 as an independent non-profit company by Organic Denmark and the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.  The Innovation Centre is independent of special interests and collaborates widely with knowledge institutions in Denmark and abroad.

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