About organic production

Organic produce is food without pesticide residues, and is based on better animal welfare, natural diversity and protection of the environment. The organic principles can ensure sustainable agricultural and food production based on a holistic approach from farm to fork.

Consumption of organic food has grown significantly in recent years and in 2020 accounted for 12.8 per cent of retail turnover in Denmark. The same trend can be seen in other European countries and also worldwide. Global growth in the organic sector is expected to continue.

Around 4,000 farms in Denmark are managed organic, equivalent to 12.7 per cent of Danish farmland.

The Danish government has a national goal of doubling organic farmland by 2030.

A basic aim of organic production is the sustainable use of nutrients and avoiding any loss of nutrients to the greatest possible extent.

Health, fairness, ecology and care
- The four organic principles

The fourorganic principles

Health, fairness, ecology and care

Organic farming is evolving constantly, guided by the four global principles. The principles are formulated to ensure that organic farming can match environmental, structural and technological changes in society, while providing a common starting point and setting a common direction for organic farming’s development.

The formulation and qualification of the organic principles, as an organic ‘bible’, is facilitated by Organics International (IFOAM).

The four organic principles are therefore a vision and a set of guiding values for organic producers all over the world.

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The Danish‘Ø for organic’ label

In Denmark, organic products are easily recognised by the Danish state-controlled ‘Ø for organic’ red label. Organic producers can voluntarily label their products that have been produced under organic control in Denmark. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is responsible for controlling and administering the label.

The ‘Ø for organic’ label indicates that the Danish authorities inspect the farms and businesses that produce, process, package or label organic produce in Denmark. Goods from abroad may also carry the red ‘Ø for organic’ label if the most recent processing or repackaging has taken place under Danish organic control.

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